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SelfseeK.com is to be a complete internet search resource. It consists of thousands of links to articles,classifieds, web sites & design tools, services, scripts, extras and other resources. Most services and tools offered in the directory is free and will in most situations provide you with a way to provide your visitors with something extra and  valuable.

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Self SeeK Posting Policy

selfseek.com is committed to servicing a classified ad & matchmaking website community. The ads placed on selfseek.com should follow this industry specific standard. Please read the following Ad Posting Policy.

1.) Ads shall not contain swear words or reference vulgar language in any way, they should also remain free from racial or criminal matters.

2.) Ads shall not contain links to outside vendors containing vulgar, racial, criminal or child pornography material or material users may find potentially offensive.

3.) Ads should be consistent with the goal of Self SeeK, buying and selling,real estate,autos,pets,vacations,clothes, parts,wanted and collectibles and any other items and services!.

4.) Ads posted shall be free from illegal material, stolen or "hot" items.

5.) selfseek.com is not responsible for sales transactions, if you choose to do business with someone as a result of an ad listing on selfseek.com this is by your choice. If you are unsure about a potential buyer or seller we urge you to seek out investigation before engaging in a transaction!

6.) selfseek.com is not responsible for hotlinking of pictures, if someone links up your ad picture on their site we cannot be responsible for any damages which may result. Self SeeK will try to advert this kind of action but cannot be held liable.

7.) selfseek.com reserves the right to display its advertisers on all ad listing pages.

8.)Guestbook entries and forum postings . will be posted for a limited time and will be removed!

9.) All sellers listing, or merchandise on selfseek.com must have the ability to produce the item or service as listed. All sellers must be the registered owner or have written permission from the legal owner to act as a consigner or broker for certain ad listings. Please note: All brokers or consigners should state in the item description of the ad that they are a broker or consigner of the item that they are listing. Dealer accounts are not for re-sell and are limited to the Dealers inventory only. Dealer Accounts may not advertise additional dealers and brokers inventory.

10.) Expired ads may be renewed and will remain in your Self SeeK account for up to 90 days. After 90 days all ads that are expired or have been marked as sold will be removed from the Self SeeK classifieds database, and will no longer be located in your MySelf SeeK account folder.

Any ads found not following these guidelines will be promptly removed from the Self SeeK system without notice to the original poster and without re-imbursement of any applicable fees. Self SeeK reserves the right to make fair and practical judgments upon these matters and guidelines. Self SeeK also reserves the right to update this policy. Please also view our Terms of Use Policy and Privacy Policy prior to posting.

For assistance or support please call or email support@selfseek.com.

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For help and support Please call or email Support.

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